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Packages are offered at an adjusted flat rate per month, which includes a customizable combination of the many offerings from our media partners.

Offering quantities are adjusted based on a financial commitment. A la carte packages are also available. Budget is based on a 6-month commitment to effectively market your business. Packaging can be adjusted monthly. Any adjustments made to rates are a provision of this agency service.

Packages are scheduled based on spot availability with specified media partners. All placements will be defined upon payment of campaign; all spots will be documented and delivered to you for business records.

All creative production will be determined between said client and the Savagency. All creative, includes but is not limited to video production, graphic design, and/or audio production will be provided by the Savagency to avoid 3rd party overhead. Video production service will be provided at a flat rate per :15 seconds of edited video production; Graphic Design and/or Audio Production will be provided at a rate  per hour of creative.


The Bottomline

Are you a business owner who hates having to stress about your marketing? Are you worried that you aren’t maximizing your ad dollars? Do you become overwhelmed with dealing with the multiple outlets in order to find the right fit for your business?

If so, let the Savagency WORK FOR YOU!!

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